25/25 Edinburgh III - Day 2 - Level 16 (4000/8000)RA 800

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 21st June 2015 @ 16:02


17:52 Players on a 15 Min Break.

17:48 4 off the Money and Chip Average is 239,300 Squeaky Bum time!!!!!

17:41 Live Poker is Rigged. AK of Martin QQ of Gregor Deas and QQ for Kris Trysburg ALL in Preflop. Martin is at Risk. it runs out. 935 5 3 and Kris and Gregor chop up Martins Chips and he departs in 22nd Place.

17:38 Martin Mclaclan doubles with 99 v 77 of Barry Blackwood. Martin up to 200,000

17:36 Full Chip Counts in 15 mins. 

17:34 John Angus All in for 83K and has AhJh v Paul Tulloch of JJ Board runs Kh3d5h 6h 8c. Turned Flush for John.

17:26 Just lost Tommy Noble. Shoves All in with K8 on the Button and the BB wakes up with KQ. 22 remain.4 Off the Money.

17:14 Some Pics.

17:04 6 places before we hit the Money. Chip Average is 218,500. Full Counts coming up at the end of this Break.

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