25/25 Edinburgh III - Day 2 - Level 12 (1200/2400)RA 300

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 21st June 2015 @ 12:46


14:29 There was no Dundee Chop in Dundee last month but will there be a Dundee Chop in Edinburgh?

14:23 Top 3 Stacks.

Mark Cuggy 310K
Kris Trysburg 230K
Barry Blackwood 196K

14:18 41 Players Remain. Chip Average is 122,600

14:12 Peter Alder is Short Stacked as he runs 10's into Aces.

14:08 Remember if you want updates on any Player you can Tweet to #2525edinburgh and we can get the information on the Blog.

14:06 Updates for Andriy.

Marius 170K
Steven 80K
Daryl 170K

14:03 More Tweets from Players who Played yesterday but bust 2 bullets in 4 Levels. Updates to Follow:

14:00 More people have bust. Rafal Karwowski, Maj Iqbal, Patrick Doonan, Kris Rithchie and Stewart Hay.

13:54 Some Chip Counts

Neil Rankin 170K
Martin Gallagher 120K
Sam Wardlaw 80K
Craig Smith 52K
Ewan Brown 75K

13:42 Players now on Level 12

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