25/25 Edinburgh III - Day 1C - Level 8 (500/100)RA 100

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 20th June 2015 @ 20:15


21:56 We will be going on a 15 min break 1 min. Full Chip counts coming up.

21:42 Dennis Kennedy and Martin Mclachlan get it all in Pre flop. Dennis has 26K and KK Martin has 99. Martin Flops a set!!! and no help for Dennis. Martin likes those Nines!!

21:35 We are now down to 27 players across 3 Tables. 

21:29 Current Chip Leader Martin Mclachlan with 170K

21:25 Steven Anderson coasting along nicely on 52K. Currently above Average Chips of 49,100

21:18 I hear All in and Call on Table 3. Its Chen Wenbin with Ac4h Martin Mclachlan with 9d9h and Alistair Parry with AhKh. Both Chen and Alistair are at risk. Board runs. Qd4sTd 3d Jd. Alistair rivers the Straight but Martin 4 Flushes with the 9d and scoops the pot.

20th June 2015 @ 23:26
Jambo Gray
Tommy Noble you nit, man up,
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