25/25 Edinburgh III - Day 1C - Level 6 (300/600)RA 50

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 20th June 2015 @ 18:39


20:20 Players now on a 15 Minute Break.

20:16 Next Stop Glasgow:

20:14 Robbie Bull is all in for 4125 and is called in the BB by Daryl Benton. KJ for Robbie and KQ for Daryl. Board runs 4J6 6 T. Robbie Doubles

20:01 Daryl Benton makes it 1300 UTG and its folded to Stephen McKay who flats on the BB. Flop is 3QJ. Stephen Checks and Daryl bets 3700 and is called by Stephen. Turn 7 and Stephen open shoves for 23K,and is quickly called by Daryl with KQ and Steven tables JT. River is 6h and Daryl wins a decent pot.

19:54 Some of the players to Bust are: Steven Kane, Paul Clements, Andriy Myroshnychenko, Vince Crolla and Colin Wu.

19:48 Kestutis Kucinskas has been up and down all day. A very competent player and would expect to see him in Day 2 tomorrow.

19:42 Players are now on level 6. There will be a 15 Min Break at the end of this level.

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