25/25 Edinburgh III - Day 1B - Level 2 (75/150)

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 19th June 2015 @ 18:46


20:24 More pics being added the the Poker in the Maybury Facebook page.

20:14 62 entries so far with 60 remaining. Prizepool is £26,000 

20:12 Dan Coll and Scott Mcsherry see a flop of 9 High. Dan gets all his chips 15K in the middle and is called by Scott. Dan has 99 for Top set. Scott has KK Turn is K!!!!!!!!!!!!!! River is no help to Dan. We lose Dan.

20:03 Board on Table 4 reads Ac5c9c and Usman Ulhaq bets 1200 from the SB Norman Wilkie folds and John Mcauly calls on the Button. Turn 8h and Usman leads for 2400 and its called by John. River is Qc. 4 clubs on the board and Usman checks. John announces all in!!!. Usman snap........... Folds.

19:52 Pics

19:46 Level 2 Blinds 75/150 58 players and £25,200 in the Prizepool. The Gtd £25K has been beaten easily.

19th June 2015 @ 20:50
Dany Coll looks a bit rough. Was he out last night?
Replied by David Blacklaw on 19th June 2015 @ 20:58
Dont know about last night but he is out now.
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