25/25 Edinburgh III - Day 1A - Level 7 400/800) RA 75

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 18th June 2015 @ 22:33


00:07 Its folded to Gary Gracey in the SB and he raises to 2200. The BB of Paul Henderson is then raised to 6800. Gary announces ALL IN and Paul Snap Calls!!!!!! Gary has QQ and Paul has A8. Gary is in Great Shape.

Until this happens.

23:59 40 players remain. Chip Average is 41,900 

23:49 We have a Tweet.

23:45 Gordon Wood makes it 2100 from Middle Position and it folds to Colin Gillon in the BB and he calls. Flop comes 4sKh6s, Colin Checks and Gordon bets the same 2100 and Colin folds.

23:40 Chip Counts

Table 1
Rafal karwowski 45K
Colin Gillon 77K
Brian Tannerhill40K
Table 2
Martin Sturdy 50K
Gary Bertram 38K
John Angus 46K
Table 3
Ronnie Law 65K
James Maclean 45K
Kyle Swan 42K
Table 4
Gavin Maguire 70K
Paul Henderson 50K
Gordon Happer 40K
Table 5
Alan Wallace 65K
Kris Ritchie 105K
Ian Martin 85K

23:36 Chip counts coming.

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