25/25 Edinburgh III - Day 1A - Level 6 300/600) RA 75

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 18th June 2015 @ 21:47


23:32 Players coming back from the 15 Minute break.

23:15 Top 5 Chip Counts around the room

Gavin Maguire 75K
Ian Martin 90K
Kris Ritchie 108K
Kyle Swan 63K
Colin Gillon 76K

23:08 Now at 5 tables and 45 Players Top 3 stacks by tables are coming in 12 minutes as players take a 15 minute break.

23:03 Roddy Macneil raises to 1300 and it moves to Kyle who makes it 3K. Ronnie Law Flats and its Back to Roddy who makes it 9500, Kyle folds and Ronnie calls. Flop 7s5d3s Check by Ronnie and Roddy bets 7500 called by Ronnie. Turn 9h Check check. River 3s and its Check Check again. Roddy tables AhKh and Ronnie has 66. Ronnie takes the +30K pot.

22:53 Remember all Photo's are posted in the Poker in the Maybury Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/PokerAtTheMaybury/photos_stream

22:50 Current Chip Average is 35,600

22:47 We now have 47 players remaining as we enter Level 6. There will be a 15 Minute Break at the end of this Level.

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