25/25 Edinburgh III - Day 1A - Level 5 (200/400) RA 50

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 18th June 2015 @ 20:59


22:35 Martin Sturdy and Kev Finnie All in Pre-Flop. Kev AA and Martin KsJs. Flop 8h5s3s Ts 6d. martin doubles to 24K.

22:31 Folds to Martin J Smith on the Button and he makes it 1500. Chris Wilson Folds the Sb and Roddy Mcneil re-raises to 3600. Martin has a think and elects to fold.

22:26 We are now down to 52 players across 6 tables. How many of these players do you think will make Day 2? 11?

22:19 Todd Cairns has been eliminated.

22:17 Random Chip Counts 

Gordon Wood 32K
Ian Swan 60K
David Cheung 35K
Kyle Swan 53K
Makka Hussain 32K
Jim Maclean 65K
Ian Martin 69K

22:07 Some Chip Counts coming up.

22:00 Level 5 57 Remain and the Chip Average is 29,400

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