25/25 Edinburgh III - Day 1A - Level 4 (150/300) RA25

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 18th June 2015 @ 20:02


21:44 57 remain of the 67. Day 1B starts tomorrow at 7pm

21:39 All in and call on Table 2. Board reads KJ66K Thomas Wallace tables 63 and Martin Sturdy has AK for better full house.

21:34 Ian Marttin makes it 900 and Neil Feenan calls and Makka Hussain makes up the BB. Flop is AhAs9c Makka checks and Ian bets 2100, with Neil calling and Makka Folding. Turn 2c and Ian check folds to Neils 2800 bet.

21:28 Registration is now closed and we have a total of 62 entries and 5 Re-Entries. Thats a whopping £13,400 in the prizepool. Over 50% already in the pool on the first night.

21:24 Huey Lewie and Doey. The 3 Amigo's

21:17 Top 3 Stacks by Table.

Table 1
Rafal Karwowski 33K
Gordon Wood 28K
Greg Macreadie 39K
Table 2
Ian Swan 56K
Todd Cairns 40K
Thomas Wallace 34K
Table 3
David Cheung 35K
Matt Mclelland 42K
Kyle Swan 37K
Table 4
Gavin Mcguire 40K
Stephen Alexander 25K
Neil Sneddon 35K
Table 5
Makka Hussain 50K
Ian Martin 72K
Michael Collumb 23K
Table 6
Andrew Feenan 33K
Stewart hay 32K
James Mclean 29K
Table 7
Alan Wallace 50K
Ronnie Law 39K
Martin Gallagher 29K

21:05 Top 3 Stacks by Table Coming up.

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