25/25 Dundee III - Day 2 - Level 24 (20000/40000/4000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th May 2015 @ 23:30


00:29: Cuggy takes a healthy pot from Robert with a Nut Flush.

00:26: Colin opens the Button to 80k, Cuggy 3bets to 200k, Colin folds. Blinds going up to 25k/50k/5k in 2 mins.

00:22: 4-handed here and there is £23,520 left to play for. Next out gets £2,800, 1st gets £10,030. No deals so far.

00:20: Scott playing the rush, makes it 80k on the Button. Steals the blinds.

00:18: Scott shoves all in from the SB into Colin. He calls. AK vs A5. Double up for Scott. He started the hand with 250k.

00:16: Cuggy makes it 80k on the Button, Scott thinks for a bit but folds. Cuggy says he was calling if he shoved.

00:14: Cuggy limps the SB, Robert raises to 140k. Cuggy folds.

00:13: Robert raises to 100k UTG, Cuggy calls in the BB. Flop Ac9d5s. Cuggy checks, Robert fires 125k. No call. Robert shows an Ace.

00:11: Walk for Colin from Scott.

00:10: Cuggy raises to 80k in the cut-off, wins it.

00:09: Scott opens, Robert 3bets from the BB, Scott calls. Flop 5h4h4d. Robert bets about 400k, Scott folds.

00:03: Robert opens to 100k UTG, Colin calls on the Button, Gordon shoves from the BB for 178k! Robert calls it, Colin does too. Flop Ah7h2c. Robert checks, Colin bets, Robert folds. It's Colin's A9 vs Gordon's KT. Brick on the Turn leaves Gordon dead and he's out in 5th for £1,940. Here are the last 5 players just before that hand:

00:01: Scott makes it 80k from the Button, Colin 3bets to 200k from the SB, Scott folds.

00:00: Scott all in from the SB, Colin folds.

23:58: Ian all in for 233k, Cuggy calls. K9 vs AK. Cuggy's AK holds and Ian is out in 6th for £1,400.

23:57: Robert now saying he had Sixes again, another Set.

23:52: Cuggy makes it 100k to go on the Button, Robert calls in the BB. Flop 6c5d3c. Robert leads out for 200k, Cuggy goes into the tank for about 3 minutes. He eventually decides to fold, showing Jacks! Robert shows nothing, says nothing. Big fold. Cuggy had about 600k behind.

23:52: Scott raises to 80k UTG+1, no action.

23:49: Ian shoves from the Button, 161k. Cuggy interested in the BB. He decides to fold though.

23:48: Scott moves in from the Button, wins it.

23:45: Cuggy raises to 100k UTG+1, Robert 3bets to 200k on the Button, Cuggy folds.

23:42: Back in business. Ian open-shoves UTG the first hand back. Cuggy calls for less. QQ vs AA! Cuggy doubles.

23:37: Latest approximate stacks 6-handed:

Ian Wright 600k
Colin Gillon 1million
Mark Cuggy 400k
Gordon Anderson 265k
Robert Franks 1.24million
Scott Maxwell  570k

23:30: Players on a 15 minute break.

25th May 2015 @ 0:05
jake hughes
Great blogging martin your talents wasted,you should be working for D.C.thompsons ..lol
25th May 2015 @ 0:08
dennis shaw
just like to say, fantastic blog Martin, great effort well done.
25th May 2015 @ 0:09
jake hughes
Sorry to see the last Aberdonian go out good effort from the sheep shaggers, well played ian
25th May 2015 @ 0:10
dennis shaw
jake Hughes, you must have been writing that at the same time,great minds eh.
25th May 2015 @ 0:11
dennis shaw
looking more and more like a dundee win, ffs don't chop it lol
25th May 2015 @ 0:12
Thanks guys. Looks like this could go on for another couple of hours at least!
25th May 2015 @ 0:32
dennis shaw
your devotion has to be commended Martin I have done a 12 hour day today, you must be looking at a 16 hour day. Well done to you sir, I hope they reward you well, it's been a pleasure reading your posts.
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