25/25 Dundee III - Day 2 - Level 23 (15000/30000/3000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th May 2015 @ 22:43


23:26: Break time!

23:25: Colin opens to 60k in the cut-off, Cuggy calls in position (he has about 300k behind). Flop JsTc7s. Check/Check. Turn 5d. Colin bets 75k. Cuggy calls. River 8d. Colin moves all in. Cuggy snaps. Both have a Nine for the Straigh. Chop it up. A9 for Colin, K9 for Cuggy.

23:24: Cuggy makes up the SB, Gordon shoves all in for about 250k total. Cuggy folds.

23:23: Robert opens to 100k UTG+1. He's been quiet for quite a while. No callers.

23:22: Ian wins a wee one BvB.

23:21: Scott gives Ian a Walk.

23:20: Same again, Colin raises and takes it.

23:18: Colin raises, wins the blinds and antes.

23:15: Ian shoves from the Button, Colin re-shoves. Ian in trouble with Js9s vs Colin's QQ. Nae bother though; the Flop comes down T87 to give him the Nuts and he doubles up his 272k stack.

23:14: Ian gives Colin a Walk.

23:13: Cuggy raises one uncontested.

23:12: There's a break in 15 minutes. Will get the chip counts for everyone then.

23:11: Colin wins a pot from Scott next.

23:06: Ian makes it 60k UTG+1, Colin shoves all in for about 450k. Ian calls. Colin QTo, Ian 77. Colin spikes a Queen to double!

23:05: Scott raises UTG+1, no callers.

23:04: Colin raises from the SB and gets no action from Cuggy.

23:02: Cuggy opens for 100k UTG. Colin folds an Ace in the BB. Cuggy shows AK.

22:59: Scott moves all in from the SB into Ian. Ian has 423k, Scott has that well covered. Ian calls. Scott has 22, Ian KQ. Low Flop but Queen on the Turn and King on the River seal it for Ian. Railbirds encroaching to see the action here. Exciting stuff.

22:56: David shoves all in for 66k. Colin calls. David's 8d6d vs Colin's Ad3d. The Ace comes and David is dead on the Turn. David Weeks out in 7th for £1,100.

22:55: Walk for Cuggy next hand.

22:49: Cuggy all in. David calls. It's Cuggy's KK vs David's 99. David picks up a Flush Draw on the Turn but the Kings hold. Cuggy doubles. David down to about 75k.

22:48: Scott raises from the SB into Ian. Ian folds.

22:47: Colin open-shoves from the Hijack. no action.

22:46: Scott raises UTG, no action.

22:45: Walk for Gordon from Cuggy.

22:44: Getting expensive now. Gordon opens UTG for 65k, no action.

24th May 2015 @ 22:48
Buzzing for Robert Franks, he's true gent and Very likeable guy. TID
24th May 2015 @ 22:56
Barry McQueen
Cuggy for the win c'mon team Fife
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