25/25 Dundee III - Day 2 - Level 22 (12000/24000/2500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th May 2015 @ 21:59


22:43: Last hand at this level. Robert raises and takes it.

22:41: Colin all in UTG. No call.

22:40: Walk for Ian from Scott.

22:39: Colin open-shoves from the Hijack next hand. Gets it through. Think he has about 300k now.

22:38: David cheekily proposes an even 7-way chop (he is the shortest stack). Quickly knocked back.

22:29: Huge pot here Robert vs Colin. Didn't catch the pre-flop action (assume Colin raised and Robert called from the BB) but it was Check/Check on the Flop then Robert bet 200k on the Turn which Colin called and now Robert has shoved all in for 315k. Colin has him covered but is in the tank here. Board is Ah6c2c-Kd-7d. He makes the call! Robert shows 66 for a Set and it's good.

22:27: Reminder of the cashers so far and prizes remaining:

1st £10,030
2nd £6,510
3rd £4,180  
4th £2,800
5th £1,940
6th £1,400
7th £1,100
8th £940 Salim Shakari
9th £830 Morag Lawson
10th £740 Peter Alder
11th £670 David Cheung
12th £600 David Gray
13th £600 Bojidar Boiadjiev 
14th £530 Roy Arthur
15th £530 Gregor Deas

22:23: Some wildly approximate chip counts:

3 Ian Wright 500k
4 David Weeks 400k
5 Colin Gillon 900k
6 Mark Cuggy 250k
7 Gordon Anderson 450k
8 Robert Franks 600k
9 Scott Maxwell 1millon

22:22: Cuggy open-shoves the Button, no takers.

22:19: Salim open-shoves again, UTG+2, Ian re-shoves! It's AT of Salim vs AQ of Ian. The board runs out safe for Ian and he takes Salim out. Salim Shakari 8th for £940.

22:17: Robert raises to 100k UTG+1, no calls.

22:14: Cuggy raises to 52k UTG, Robert calls in position, so does from the BB. 3-way. Flop Kc7c5h. They check to Robert who bets around 140k. 2 folds follow.

22:09: Morag all in UTG next. It's 108k. Robert re-shoves for more. No calls. It's Morag's A8 vs Robert's JJ. Both hit a Flush in the end but the Jack High one is good for Robert Franks. Morag Lawson 9th for £830.

22:07: Salim shoves all in UTG. Wins it.

22:05: Robert takes the next one.

22:04: Colin raises the Button to 50k, no callers.

22:03: Colin limps from the SB, Cuggy checks. Flop Kh4s2h. Cuggy wins it with a bet. Shows a King for Top Pair.

22:02: Walk for Colin from David there.

22:01: Scott Maxwell's railbirds:

22:00: Ian raises to 50k from the SB into David's BB. Wins it.

24th May 2015 @ 22:27
neil feenan
colin for the win
24th May 2015 @ 22:28
Passed it on. He says Cheers.
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