25/25 Dundee III - Day 2 - Level 21 (10000/20000/2000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th May 2015 @ 20:34


21:57: Gordon raises to 40k, Ian calls from the BB. Flop As7s2h. Ian checks, Gordon bets 55k. Takes it down.

21:56: Blinds up in 1 minute. Cuggy open-shoves mid-position. Gets it through.

21:55: Scott takes the next pot vs David.

21:49: Colin opens next hand to 40k in the Hijack, Gordon calls on the Button. Heads up. Flop Th3c3d. Colin leads for 45k, Gordon calls. Turn Kh. Colin checks, Gordon bets 65k. Colin calls. The Riviera is 8c. Colin checks, Gordon fires 80k. Colin raises to 185k!  Gordon snap-calls. He has KT for 2-pair. Colin has 88 for a rivered Set and drags in the pot. Gordon not best pleased.

21:48: Salim open-shoves for about 120k. Wins the blinds and antes.

21:47: There are quite a few tight/solid players at this FT so it could be a long, drawn out affair I think.

21:43: David playing the rush and raises to 41k again, from the cut-off. Colin on the Button 3bets to 90k. Cuggy thinks about shoving from the SB but folds. David thinks for a while too but also folds. Win for Gillon.

21:40: The FT players looking serious:

21:39: David raises the button to 41k, Cuggy calls in the BB. Flop JhJs6d. Cuggy checks, David bets 45k, Cuggy calls. Turn Ac. Cuggy checks, David bets again, 65k this time. Cuggy calls quickly. River 9h. Cuggy checks and David asks him how much he has. The answer is "About 200k". David bets 125k. Cuggy thinks it over and then.......folds, showing an Ace. David takes it down and shows nothing.

21:37: Ian opens the Button to 40k, Colin calls from the BB. Flop 8h6h4c. Check/Check. Turn 6d. Check/Check. River 5s. Colin bets 55k, Ian snap-calls. Colin announces "King High". Ian shows AK for the win.

21:35: Colin raises to 40k UTG, Robert calls in position, Scott 3bets to 117k with position on both. Back to Colin and he folds. Robert folds too. Scott seems to be taking charge of this FT so far.

21:30: Cuggy's turn to make it 40k from UTG+2, Scott 3bets the Button to 93k, Cuggy calls. Flop Qh9c6s. Cuggy checks, Scott bets 77k, Cuggy likes it (he calls). Turn 4s. Cuggy checks, Scott bets 128k. Cuggy looks like he's going go call but....decides to fold.

21:29: Colin makes it 40k from UTG+2, no callers.

21:26: Cuggy makes it 40k in the Hijack, Scott calls from the SB, Salim too from the BB. Flop 8s6s6d. All check. Turn Js. Scott fires 46k, Salim folds, Cuggy calls. River Qh. Check/Check and Cuggy wins with AJ.

21:23: Colin opens to 40k in the Hijack, Cuggy calls in the cut-off, Gordon comes along on the Button as does Scott in the BB. Flop 7c6h3d. All check. Turn 4h. All check again. River 8s. All check. Scott takes it with Td4d. Cagey start to the FT.

21:20: Cuggy raises the Button to 40k. Robert calls from the BB. Flop Js5d5h. Robert leads into Cuggy for 40k, Cuggy calls. Turn As. Robert thinks for a bit then shoves all in! It's 182k. Cuggy folds.

21:19: From the SB Cuggy raises into Gordon. No call. Cuggy showed Aces!

21:18: The last FT in Dundee in August 2014 had Ian Wright and David Weeks on it so they've both made back to back Dundee FTs. No bad.

21:16: From the SB, Colin calls the 10k more. Cuggy checks. Flop QsQd7h. Colin bets 30k, Cuggy calls. Turn 3c. Colin bets 40k, wins it. Shows a Seven.

21:15: Salim opens again, to 50k. No callers.

21:14: Salim opens and Morag shoves all in. He folds and she takes it down. Shows Aces!

21:13: Pot 1 to Scott. He opened to 40k and no one was interested.

21:12: FT Pic. Just starting now.

21:03: More rail support:

20:55: This is our 13th Scottish 25/25 event but so far we haven't had any Dundee-based winners. Could this be about to change? Chip leader Gordon, Salim, Morag, Robert, Scott and Mark are all Dundee regulars although Mark is a Fifer. Ian is Aberdeen, Colin Glasgow and David Edinburgh.

20:54: Support from Twitter for the FT players:

20:50: Final Table Chip Counts:

1 Salim Shakari 190k
2 Morag Lawson 150k
3 Ian Wright 430k
4 David Weeks 560k
5 Colin Gillon 600k
6 Mark Cuggy 480k
7 Gordon Anderson 980k
8 Robert Franks 310k
9 Scott Maxwell 550k

20:42: Payouts so far:

1st £10,030
2nd £6,510
3rd £4,180  
4th £2,800
5th £1,940
6th £1,400
7th £1,100
8th £940
9th £830
10th £740 Peter Alder
11th £670 David Cheung
12th £600 David Gray
13th £600 Bojidar Boiadjiev 
14th £530 Roy Arthur
15th £530 Gregor Deas

20:35: On break for about 30 mins before the FInal Table starts.

1 Salim Shakari
2 Morag Lawson
3 Ian Wright
4 David Weeks
5 Colin Gillon
6 Mark Cuggy
7 Gordon Anderson
8 Robert Franks
9 Scott Maxwell

24th May 2015 @ 20:43
C'Mon Mo
24th May 2015 @ 20:58
Mr Li's takeaway
Please tell the FT the rail wants a 9 way chop ty
24th May 2015 @ 21:03
Mon C@T you %uD83D%uDC0E%uD83D%uDCE6
24th May 2015 @ 21:49
dennis shaw
Scott maxwell bossing it now, looks like a dundee winner this time round.
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