25/25 Dundee III - Day 2 - Level 20 (8000/16000/1500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th May 2015 @ 19:24


23:30: Peter out next hand and we have the Final Table. Break now for about 30 minutes.

20:30: Scott Maxwell (JJ) and Peter Alder (AK) all in pre-flop for the classic race and Scott holds. Peter has a tiny 2.5k left!

20:22: Exciting times here as the FT Bubble continutes. Hoping that someone goes out soon!

20:02: Morag all for about 60k with A7o and is called by Robert with KQ. He spikes a King on the Turn to take the lead but she rivers a Flush for the win. Play continues...

20:00: One for Colin vs Cuggy. Both had Top Pair but Colin's kicker played.

19:58: It's been an hour and 15 minutes since the last elimination. A few called all-ins but the short stack has been holding on each time.

19:55: Scott M takes one vs Morag L there with Top Pair. Morag now down to about 100k.

19:52: Salim S all in with AQ vs Colin G's A7 suited. Seven on the Flop but Queen on the Turn for Salim's double up.

19:47: Peter A opened and Scott Maxwell shoved all in. Peter calls with AsKs and is against Scott's Ah9h. Nae bother for Scott though; he finds a Nine on the Flop to double up. The railbirds are absoultely loving the action here at G Casino Dundee!

19:40: Double up for David Weeks with QQ vs Scott Maxwell's 88 all-in pre-flop. David opened the Button to 40k and Scott shoved all in. David snap-called with his 220k stack and held up. Scott's down to about 100k now.

19:35: Robert takes one vs Scott there. Robert called pre-flop, check/called the Flop, check/check on the Turn then Robert lead the River and Scott passed.

19:33: Play has slowed right down here after the flurry of exists from 16th to 11th.

19:30: Medium-sized pot for Cuggy there with JJ vs Gordon.

19:29: Ian W raises the Button and gets it through.

19:28: Peter A gets a Walk on the other table.

19:26: Gordon A opens for 31k UTG, Colin calls from the BB. Flop KdKh9h. Colin checks, Gordon checks. Turn Kc. bets 35k, Gordon calls. River Qh. Colin checks, now Gordon bets 35k. Colin calls. Gordon tables JJ and it's good.

19:24: Still 10-handed here at 25/25 Dundee. Hand for Hand before we hit the FT. Next out gets £740 and the eventual winner will take £10,030.

24th May 2015 @ 20:21
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