25/25 Dundee III - Day 2 - Level 19 (6000/12000/1500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th May 2015 @ 18:39


19:15: Alan's comment on Mark Cuggy's chip leader status:

19:05: Mark Cuggy is the chip leader. I think he has about 800k. Will get full counts for everyone once we lose 1 more player and hit the Final Table.

18:47: David Cheung opens for 25k on the Button, Mark Cuggy calls from the SB. Flop Ks9d4h. Mark checks, David bets 39k. Mark calls. Turn 7h. Mark checks, David shoves all in for 251k! Mark calls. He has Kh9h for 2-pair + Flush Draw and David just has KJ for Top Pair. The River is a blank and it's all over for David. He's out in 11th for £670. 10 left. Hand for Hand again for the FT Bubble.

18:43: Robert F raises the Button to 31k but folds when Peter A shoves all in for about 140k. Peter shows Ad9d.

18:40: Iain Drummond says he's on 50% of Gordon Anderson's winnings. Gordon doesn't agree.

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