25/25 Dundee III - Day 2 - Level 18 (6000/12000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th May 2015 @ 18:00


18:35: Down to 11 now. Average stack 380k. 4.2million in play in total. Moving along nicely. Hope it continues.

18:34: David Gray out 12th for £600. His K7 all in pre-flop couldn't get there vs David Cheung's A2.

18:33: 12 left. Next out gets £600. The final table will be 9 handed so 3 to go before that.

18:32: Peter A opens to 24k, Morag L shoves all in for lots more. He folds, showing AQ. She shows AQ suited.

18:24: The mad action continues. Roy Arthur out in 14th then Bojidar B out 13th.

1st £10,030                    
2nd £6,510                    
3rd £4,180                        
4th £2,800                    
5th £1,940                    
6th £1,400                
7th £1,100            
8th £940    
9th £830            
10th £740                        
11th £670                
12th £600                
13th £600 Bojidar Boiadjiev 
14th £530 Roy Arthur
15th £530 Gregor Deas

18:20: Allan Goldie all in UTG for 57k, Robert Franks 3bets to about 100k more, Gregor Deas 4bet shoves for about 200k! Robert calls.  Absolute carnage here. Allan G AT, Robert 99 & Gregor KK. Flop 9c9h5c for Robert's Quads! Turn 2h, River Kd for Gregor's meaningless full house. Robert takes them both out on the Bubble! Allan bubbles 16th, Gregor 15th for £530.

18:13: Roy A limps in and Ian W makes it 46k from the SB. Roy calls. Flop AsAh8c. Ian bets 40k, Roy folds.

18:10: Ian W makes it 25k UTG, called by Colin Gillon in position and David W in the SB. Flop KdQs7c. Checked around. Turn 8h. David checks, Ian checks, Colin bets 35k. David folds, Ian calls. River Tc. Ian checks, Colin checks and shows AhQs. It's good.

18:07: Scott Maxwell opens to 24k and Robert Franks calls from the BB. Flop 9d7d7s. Robert checks, Scott bets 25k, Robert calls. Turn Js. Robert checks, Scott checks. River Ks. Robert checks, Scott bets 34.5k. Robert folds.

18:06: Bojidar B shoves the Button and gets it through. On the other table, Mark Cuggy gets a walk in the BB. Nobody wants to bubble.

18:00: On the Bubble here at 25/25 Dundee; who will be the unlucky player?

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