25/25 Dundee III - Day 2 - Level 17 (5000/10000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th May 2015 @ 17:00


17:52: Allan Reid, who busted a few hours ago, is now back at his home casino in Aberdeen playing more poker. The boy loves the game. Nice pitcher of draft coke too.

17:51: Andrew Leathem out! JJ vs QQ all in pre-flop vs Mark Cuggy. 16 players left, 15 paid. Going Hand for Hand here.

17:45: Mark Cuggy makes it 21k again, Colin G 3bets to 65k from the SB, Mark folds after a wee think saying "This is a respectful pass".

17:43: David Cheung makes it 20k UTG, Colin G calls from the BB. Flop Kc6c2d. Colin checks, David bets and takes it.

17:41: Mark Cuggy opens for 21k in the cut-off on the other table, Ian Wright calls from the BB. FlopTcTs7d. Check/Check. Turn 9c. Ian checks, Mark checks too. River 6s. Checked twice again. Mark wins with AsKs.

17:40: Scott Maxwell opens fro 20k in the Hijack, no callers.

17:37: Robert Franks opens for 32k UTG+1, Allan Goldie shows an Ace in the BB but folds.

17:36: Peter Alder opens to 22k in the cut-off, Morag Lawson calls from the BB. Flop 5c4c4d. Morag checks, Peter bets 24k. No call; it's a winner.

17:32: Who do you fancy for the win? Stick a comment on the blog with your picks. Alex Ferguson will certainly fancy Ian Wright as he has 10% of his action.

17:29: Kevin Roberton out. 17 left. 15 paid. We'll go Hand for Hand once we get to 16.

17:23: Morag Lawson all in for about 160k on the QcJs7d Flop with AQ vs Gregor Deas with 77 (Flopped Set). She's in terrible shape but.....it comes Jack on the Turn then Queen on the River for the suckout. The photo below captures Gregor's head-in-hands reaction as the Queen hits!

17:20: The 2 remaining tables, both full.

17:19: Double up for the shortest stack, Allan Goldie, his AJ holding vs AT all in pre-flop.

17:12: Local legend Leon Sarandis out. Dispatched by Colin Gillon.

17:05: Back in action. Here we go. Will break down to 2 tables once we lose 1 more player.

17:00: Full very approximate chip counts for the last 19 players:

24th May 2015 @ 17:18
Say good luck to THECAT (Ian Wright) for me plz. PS TY for blog excellent
24th May 2015 @ 17:32
Passed it on. Cheers
24th May 2015 @ 17:41
dennis shaw
rooting for the fife boys must have a good chance, cmon fish.
24th May 2015 @ 17:46
Gary Gracey
C'mon weeksy, Hope u go a few places better than last year and get more cash for the Vegas fund! Run good.
24th May 2015 @ 18:07
livi twin
morag is a cert although saleem loves a dundee chop ps great site mjs thanks for the blogging
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