25/25 Dundee III - Day 2 - Level 15 (3000/6000/600)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th May 2015 @ 15:24


15:56: Double up for Salim Shakari with JJ vs David Gray's KJ. He started the hand with about 100k I think.

15:53: Andriy Myro also out! Short stack 9c7c all in pre-flop vs Roy Arthur's TT and couldn't get there despite following a Flush Draw for a sweat.

15:49: Boaby Jardine out. Got the last of his chips in with 85 vs Scott Maxwell's AT and couldn't get there despite flopping an open-ender. 25 players now. Average stack 167k. There is a total of 4.2million in play.

15:41: Large pot for David Gray all in pre-flop with AA vs Sunil Bisht's KK. The Aces hold. David has 175k and Sunil 174k so he takes him out!

15:39: Alex Ferguson out. The Back to Back 25/25 Dream is over :-(

15:38: Another quick double up for Gordon A, this time getting called on the River when he made the Nut Flush. Richard Clyde was his opponent. Ricahrd looks like he's down to about 50k now.

15:33: Gordon "Gogzee" Anderson all in pre-flop for 66k with KJ and called by Kevin Robertson's AT. Nae bother goe Gogzee though as he spikes a Jack to double.

15:31: Andriy M just doubled up Connor Elrick with QJ vs KQ all in pre-flop. Andriy looking short now, about 40k.

15:28: Jake Hughes out. All in pre-flop with KT vs Andrew Leathem's 99 (he's too nervious too look). 28 players left now. Still a while till the money, 15 paid. Min cash £530. £10k ftw.

15:25: Mark Cuggy (AJ) and Allan Goldie (QQ) all in on the Turn and Allan thinks he's going home (Board 7hKhQs-Td) but the board pairs up on the River, he manages to get out of jail and double up.

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