25/25 Dundee III - Day 2 - Level 14 (2000/4000/400)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th May 2015 @ 14:25


15:22: Bojidar B all in on the Turn with 87 (1 Pair) in terrible shape vs Clive Smith's KT (2 Pair) but he managed to spike another Eight for Trips to double up and survive.

15:18: Massive double for Gregor Deas vs Roy Arthur. Gregor flopped a Set of 5s to crack Roy's Aces. I think Gregor started with about 140k pre-flop and has now doubled that. Roy down to about 200k. Gregor final-tabled the last 25/25 event in Dundee but finished 8th for £950.

15:16: Ryan Tenbruck out.

15:14: Mark Cuggy too:

15:13: Roy Arthur also still has plenty chips:

15:08: 32 players from 167 left. Average stack 131k.

15:07: Ian Wright has chunks:

15:06: And Wong is gone next hand :-(

15:02: Jimmy Wong down to about 10k. Alan Carlyle just spiked a Gutshot on him to double up and take most of his stack. He blames me for being bad luck.

14:56: Allan Goldie gets a double up with AJs v TT. He spiked a Jack for the win. He says he folded QJ in that earlier hand with David Cheung that ran into the break (board 9dQhQs-Jd-Ah). Big lay down but the right one as David showed AQ for a bigger house.

14:53: Just added lots of new photos to Facebook. Check them out.

14:45: Boaby J in pre-flop with QQ vs Clive Smith's JJ. A cruel Jack on the River to take most of Boaby's stack. He's down to about 45k now.

14:42: Double up for Jake Hughes with AQ vs AJ.

14:39: One of the dealers horsing around at the break:

14:35: Roy Arthur is the current leader with 347k. Hot on his heels are Ian Wright (290k), Mark Cuggy (245k), Sunil Bisht (215k), David Gray (210k) and Peter Alder (200k). Down to 34 players now. 15 paid. Average stack 123k.

14:31: Chip counts from the biggest stacks at the break:

14:25: 5 mins deep into the break, David Cheung and Allan Goldie still involved in a hand. David has shoved the River and Allan is thinking long and hard. He looks in pain. He eventually gives it up. David says "You were well behind" and shows him AQ for a full house. Allan says "Not till the River I wasn't" as he walks away. Board was 9dQhQs-Jd-Ah.


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