25/25 Dundee III - Day 2 - Level 13 (1500/3000/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th May 2015 @ 13:31


14:19: Double up for Robert Franks through Ian Wright.

14:18: Alastair Letham out.

14:15: Alex Ferguson back down to 69k. He lost about 40k with AK.

14:13: Clive Smith all in pre-flop with JJ vs Richard Clyde's KJ. Flop AAA. Turn 6. River 6. Doubles up.

14:12: Break in 5 mins.

14:10: Keith Scott away. Down to 35 now over 4 tables.

14:06: Ooooooops. Jimmy Wong just shouted me over from the other side of the room before he shoved all in on an 865 flop with 74. Once I arrived his opponent immediately called and tabled 97 for the bigger Straight! Poor Jimmy.

14:03: Gregor Deas looks like he has about 135k. Gordon Anderson about 100k.

14:01: Alex Ferguson up to 112k. He just cold-4-bet shoved from the BB and took a hand down pre-flop. when no one called.

13:57: Sam Price out. His 88 vs Kevin Robertson's TT. They saw the 5-high flop and got it all in. No improvement for the 88. 37 left. Break in 20 mins.

13:55: Jimmy Wong is wearing his trademark hat as usual today. He says he's waiting patiently for the right moment to pounce and get his double up.

13:53: More chips for Roy Arthur. He just hit a Gutshot vs Colin Gillon and got paid with a River bet. I think he has about 330k now. Could be the chip leader with 39 left. Will get full counts at the next break in 25 minutes.

13:47: Alex Ferguson, the Champ from our last leg in Aberdeen, fancies going back to back.

13:46: Andriy Myro's stack. Red 10k, Brown 5k, Grey 1k, Green 500, Red 100.

13:44: David Gray's stack:

13:42: Colin Gillon, also plenty chips. Also indicating with his finger the position he'd like to end up in.

13:41: Ian Wright, plenty chips. Indicating with his finger the position he'd like to finish in the tournament.

13:41: Mark Donaldson out.

13:34: Carnage on Table 1! Todd Cairns shoves AJ, Sunny Rehilu re-shoves with JJ then Colin Gillon wakes up with KK in the big blind and calls. The Kings hold and Colins sends them both to the rail.

13:32: Level 3 is here!

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