25/25 Dundee III - Day 2 - Level 12 (1200/2400/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th May 2015 @ 12:44


13:29: No fairytale comeback for Daryl Benton; he's just been eliminated. Down to 43.

13:25: Stuart Wilson out! Sent home by Ian Wright. Ian is up to about 270k now. He started the day as chip leader as is probably still there. Will get chip counts at the break after Level 3.

13:23: Alex Ferguson says he's played about 3 hands today so far. Unusual for him.

13:22: Things not going well for Todd Cairns, he's down to about 35k. I asked him what happened and he just pointed at Roy Arthur!

13:19: Down to 5 tables. 45 left. 15 paid. £10k ftw. Min cash £530.

13:18: Andriy opens to 5.7k UTG, spends a wee while chatting to Bojidar B in the BB, wins the pot. No call.

13:17: Daryl Benton finally arrived! He's lost half his stack but at least he can now try to get back in the game.

13:14: Jake Hughes opens for 5.1k and Thomas Ward shoves for 27k. Jake makes the call with QJ and is racing against 88. It's looking good for Thomas until a Jack hits the River. Thomas eliminated. 45 left.

13:10: Robert Franks, Stuart Wilson, Morag Lawson and Alan Carlyle:

13:09: Alex Ferguson and Todd Cairns, side by side on Table 1:

13:08: Roy Arthur apparently been hitting Straight and Flushes for fun so far today and has increased his stack quite a bit. The Reds are 10k, Browns 5k.

13:07: Allan Goldie on Table 1:

13:06: Another double for Boaby J. This time he rivers an Ace with A6 all in pre-flop for 18k vs JJ.

13:00: Louise Holdaway out. Down to 46 now. Long way from the money, 15 paid.

12:59: Daryl Benton anted away to 26k from 43k. Someone phone him!

12:58: A couple of animals on Table 3:

12:55: Boaby J all in for his last 10k with QQ vs K9. He doubles.

12:52: Double up for Bojidar B with TT all in pre-flop vs Boaby J's As2s.

12:48: On Table 1, James McIntosh out with a Queen High Flush vs Roy Arthur's King High Flush.

12:47: Bojidar B shoves all in under the gun for about 40k and gets it through on Table 3.

12:44: Into the second level of the day.

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