25/25 Dundee III - Day 2 - Level 11 (1000/2000/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th May 2015 @ 12:00


12:43: Andriy trying to buy up all the ante chips at his tables for some reason. 7 stacks and counting.

12:39: Plenty of Tweeting action today with #2525dundee

12:36: Still no sign of Daryl Benton. He started with a 46,300 stack.

12:35: Old Skool Dundee Grinder, Kev Wallace, is out.

12:34: Ian Wright has confirmed Stuart Wilson is on tilt. Stuart denies it though.

12:28: Boaby J all in soon after with JJ vs Sam Price's 88. Double up for his 33k stack.

12:26: Thomas Ward just doubled up Alastair Letham with AQ vs 99 all in pre-flop.

12:22: Full double up for David Gray through Boaby Jardine. It was AA vs JJ. I picked it up on the Flop with Boaby calling a 16k bet from David. The Turn brought in a third Club but David bet and called Boaby's shove. Flop Qh5c3c. Turn 6c. River 8s.

12:21: Dean Hutchison also just arrived. He has 183k, the leader from Flight A.

12:20: Daryl Benton not appeared yet, 20 minutes in.

12:19: Today's normal 3pm Freeroll is on today so come on down if you are not involved in the 25/25 but still fancy a wee game.

12:16: Andriy M takes one from Boaby J there on Table 3. AJ for Andriy and J9 for Boaby. Both made a Straight but Andriy's was Broadway and took it down. Andriy just called Boaby's River bet in position (the board was paired).

12:05: Martin Devine first exit. Sam Price took him out with 66 vs 55 all in pre-flop.

12:03: Bad news for shortest stack Martin Devine as he arrived a few minutes late and lost his big blind!

11:58: 2 minutes to go. Today I'm located between Tables 2 & 3 so most of the early updates will be from these tables.

10:57: Don't forget to tweet your personal updates using #2525dundee or tweet support for your mates if you're at home following. All tweets will appear on the big screens around the room and on the blog.

10:56: I'm here in the poker room and can hear a bad beat story being told from a roulette table on the gaming floor!

10:52: We have 4,175,000 chips in play. With 50 left the current average is 83,500 (42bb). Chip leader is Ian Wright with 213,700 (107bb) and shortest stack is Martin Devine with 18,500 (9bb).

10:45: Here's a reminder of what we're playing for today. 50 players left out of 167 that started and 15 will go home with some money.

1st £10,030                    
2nd £6,510                    
3rd £4,180                        
4th £2,800                    
5th £1,940                    
6th £1,400                
7th £1,100            
8th £940    
9th £830            
10th £740                        
11th £670                
12th £600                
13th £600                    
14th £530                    
15th £530 

10:30: David "Dov" Gray from Fife is back for Day 2 today and he's off to Vegas tomorrow morning. He'll be hoping to go with £10k in his back pocket. His flight is at 10am so if it goes late here he could be going straight there!

12:00: Day 2 Seat Draw. 50/167 return. See you all at 12pm!

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