25/25 Dundee III - Flight C - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd May 2015 @ 21:13


21:54: Break time! Chip counts coming up after we get the chip race done.

21:48: Shaun Moir also out. Now 24 left. Break in 10 mins.

21:47: Joeseph Myles out.

21:44: Bojidar Boiadjiev opened to 2.7k and Carmine Aiezza jammed all in for about 12k. It took a while but Bojidar eventually made the call with A2 and was against Carmine's Td7d. Carmine got lucky and spiked a 7 to double up though.

21:33: Andriy Myro rooting for his pal, Allan Reid, to bust. Andriy has already made Day 2 with a nice 122,400 stack.

21:30: James McIntosh just busted Leslie Sim with AQ vs KK. The Flop came down with 2 Queens, they got it all in and James held.

21:28: James McIntosh, Leslie Sim and Bojidar Boiadjiev. Bojidar is building a nice stack, recently getting a 3bet through on the Flop vs Boaby Jardine.

21:26: Roy Arthur and Alan Carlyle. Roy didn't end up calling Alan's all in.

21:25: John Angus loves the game.

21:24: Chip Leader, Ian Wright (right), with his pal Stuart Wilson (left).

21:15: We've made it to Level 8, mate.

23rd May 2015 @ 21:16
Come on jake stick in
23rd May 2015 @ 21:39
Cheers m8.
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