25/25 Dundee III - Flight C - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd May 2015 @ 20:32


21:10: Alex Ferguson is already through to Day 2 with 56,800 and he's happy to see his pal, Ian "TheC@t" Wright also doing well today:

21:09: Last 27 seating:

21:04: Breaking a table and Ian Wright seems very happy to be moving to Stuart Wilson's left on Table 2. 27 left from 55. Next break after Level 8. Playing 10 levels total tonight.

21:01: Tommy Noble out. He raised it pre-flop with QsJs and was called by Stuart "Apple Juice" Wilson in position with Ah2h. The Flop come down 8s8c2s and Tommy check/raised all-in. Stuart made the call with bottom pair and it held up.

20:51: Team Fife Update: David "Dov" Gray on 66k and Allan "Fish" Goldie has managed to run 2k up to 51k.

20:49: Russell Gibson out. He tried a 3bet shove steal with Q2o but was looked up by Kh7h which held up for the win.

20:45: Rami Saleh and Steve Martin taken out in the same hand by Jake Hughes! AK did the business. 29 left.

20:34: Eurovision update from local player, Iain Drummond.

20:32: Big stacks at the break:

Ian Wright 110k
Boaby Jardine 97k
Koyes Miah 90k
Tommy Noble 80k
Stuart Wilson 71k
Bojidar Boiadjiev 71k
Alan Carlyle 53k
Joseph Myles 52k

23rd May 2015 @ 21:04
michael crawford
c'mon team fife!!!
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