25/25 Dundee III - Flight C - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd May 2015 @ 19:41


20:17: Break coming up. 32 left from 55.

20:16: Allan Reid (KQ) now just doubled up through Ian Wright (AJ).

20:13: Shortie Allan Reid all in pre-flop with 55 vs KK and he manages to flop a Set! Unfortatuntely for him the board runs out with a Straight on it and they chop it up.

20:12: Latest seating:

20:06: Gordon Wood out. Sounds like his JJ went down to a Set of 6s.

19:57: Down to 36 players over 4 full tables now. Average stack 38k. Break in 20 minutes.

19:50: Confirmation that our final total is 167 players generating a £33,400 prize pool. Here are the payouts:

1st £10,030                    
2nd £6,510                    
3rd £4,180                        
4th £2,800                    
5th £1,940                    
6th £1,400                
7th £1,100            
8th £940    
9th £830            
10th £740                        
11th £670                
12th £600                
13th £600                    
14th £530                    
15th £530              

19:44: Allan Reid all in for his last 5k but he has QQ and gets called by The Mighty Ducks (22). He manages to hold and survive to fight another pot. The BB folded A7 and would have made a Full House so he should be happy still to be alive.

19:42: Into Level 6. 15 minute break after this one.

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