25/25 Dundee III - Flight C - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd May 2015 @ 17:24


18:06: Break time.

18:02: Brent Burnett out.....for a second time!

18:01: Stuart Wilson out! Taken down by his compatriot, Allan Reid with KK vs QJ all in pre-flop. Kings were good.

18:00: Sonia Semaan and Koyes Miah both out. Break in 2 minutes. 17 minutes left to enter.

17:57: Plenty of action on the Kd5h4d-Ac-Jd River there on Table 1. Elaine McHugh checks, Radoslav Lliev checks and Alan Carlyle bets 6k. Elaine makes the call but then Radoslav raises to 16.4k. Alan shoves all in for 22.2k total. Elaine gets away from it and Radoslav goes into the tank but eventually folds for just 6k more into the rather large pot. Turns out it was a good fold as Alan shows AdQd for the Nuts.

17:54: John McLean just arrived for another shot. Die Hard 2, the one at the airport.

17:44: Paul Tenbruck out. 44 left out of 49 today. 30 minutes to enter. Hurry doon!

17:39: Interesting hand on Table 5 there. Looks like Allan Reid opens, get 2 calls from Simon McDougall and Kevin Robertson in position then Bojidar Boiadjiev 3bets to 2.5k from the SB. All 3 players make the call. The Flop comes down Qs8h2s and everyone checks. Turn 8d, Bojidar checks, Allan bets 3.1k. Simon, intending to call, throws in a 5k and a 500 chip but he is held to a minimum raise to 6.2k as the amount he put in was over 50% of the original bet. Kevin and Bojidar both fold and Allan Reid shoves all in for 17.4k total. Simon has a good think but decides to give it up. Allan shows JT for a Gutshot draw!

17:28: Mishal Dattani not impressed with the chat on his new table:

17:25: Hugh Cairnie just knocked out by Elaine McHugh. He shoved the Turn with AA drawing dead vs the Nut Flush and Elaine made the easy call.

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