25/25 Dundee III - Flight C - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd May 2015 @ 15:28


16:40: Blinds going up.

16:38: So far 19/58 and 17/54 have qualified from the first 2 flights. Today we have 44 players involved.

16:36: Here are Bob Adams and Sonia Semaan:

16:34: Tommy Noble in from Edinburgh. Tommy thinks that every time I come near him with a camera he loses a big pot. Going to hang around his table most of the day I think.

16:32: Sounds like Chris Thomson was the one that sent Brent Burnett to the rail. Brent has now re-entered so better luck to him this time around.

16:30: Robert Franks dropped by to check out the competition. He's through to Day 2 already with 118,300.

16:29: Gordon Wood telling John Angus his bad beat story from a previous flight. John, being a gentleman, pretended to be interested.

16:28: Up to 44 entries today. Still plenty of time to get involved though. Registration closes at 6.15pm.

16:27: Mishal Dattani off to a decent start:

16:26: First man out is Brent Burnett. Full house vs Full House.

16:24: Stuart Wilson looks to be in a jolly mood. Just wait till he finds out they've run out of his beverage of choice, Apple Juice.

16:23: Just asked Boaby Jardine howmany entries he's going to have today and he indicated just the one:

16:06: Seating arrangements...

16:10: Update from Mishal Dattani:

16:03: Up to 39 today, 151 total and a £30,200 prize pool.

15:59: Just about to start with 36 players here.

15:27: Bob Adams is just back from Florida and is straight into Flight C.

15:43: 15 minutes before we start and the £25,000 guarantee has already been broken. We have 32 players registered for Flight C so far.

15:33: Our Twitter Wall is up and running here in the poker room. Tweet your updates with #2525dundee and they'll automatically appear on the big screens.

15:28: Half an hour to go here for Flight C at 25/25 Dundee. Several members of Team Aberdeen are present and I've just seen David Cheung from Edinburgh in for his 3rd attempt.

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