25/25 Dundee III - Flight B - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd May 2015 @ 1:00


01:43: Quads for David Weeks vs Lynn McIntosh. He claimed them anyway as there was no showdown as we didn't see his hand.

01:36: Thomas Stevenson out! Looks like he shoved his very short 4k stack all in with JT, Andy McKeever re-raised with QQ then Clive Smith shoved all in for about 22k with KhTh. Andy called with his Queens but the board ran out with 2 Kings for Clive to take it down. Andy still has some chips left.

01:31: Even better news for Scott Maxwell; he's just doubled up through Clive Smith. Both players saw the Flop with pocket pairs but Scott hit Top Set with his 6s and Clive's 7s were no good. They got it all in on the Flop and Scott held up.

01:25: Nice pot for Scott Maxwell there. I picked it up on the JsTc5c Flop where he bet 4.4k and was raised to 10.4k by Martin Devine. Scott called. The Turn was 3h and both players checked. The River brought 5s and Scott jammed all in for around 20k after a wee think. Martin couldn't find a call and conceded the pot to Scott.

01:20: Lively £1/2 NL cash game on the go here as well as others of smaller stakes. Games will run till 7am so get down if you fancy a wee gamble.

01:14: Short Stack Masterclass all day from Thomas Ward. He has just doubled again from 16k with AQ vs AJ. He claims it's the first time he's been above the 25k starting stack!

01:08: Some of the bigger stacks from the last 3 tables:

Peter Alder 94k
Andrew Leathem 88k
Clint Budgen 87k
Sunny Rehilu 80k
Clive Smith 70k
Scott Maxwell 65k

01:00: Players on the last break of the night. 2 more levels to play. 23/58 players remain.

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