25/25 Dundee III - Flight B - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd May 2015 @ 22:40


23:18: Break time. 34 left from 54. Average stack 40k. Chip counts coming soon.

23:14: Dany Coll and Sunny Rehilu get it all in pre-flop (I didn't catch all the betting). Dany has AhTh but Sunny has the Bullets, Pocket Rockets, The Big Boys, Aces. Dany has 18.4k and Sunny has him well covered. Carnage on the Flop as it comes down with 3 Hearts and Dany holds on to double up!

23:08: Sunny Rehilu opens to 2.1k in mid-position, Dany Coll 3bets to 5k but Sunny is having none of it and 4bets to 17.1k. Dany folds quickly.

23:07: Russell Gibson out.

23:02: On Table 4, there's an open to 1.2k, Sunny Rehilu 3bets to 3.7k and Lynn McIntosh cold-4bets to 6.2k. The original raiser folds but Sunny decides to take a flop. It comes down JdTh7h. Sunny checks and Lynn shoves all in for what looks like 30k. Sunny has this well covered but decides to fold.

22:56: The final 35 players over 4 tables:

22:48: Nehme Al Asmar opens for 2.2k UTG+1, Scott Maxwell calls in position. Heads up. Flop AsKc5c. Nehme shoves for about 7k. Scott calls and tables AQo. Nehme has Jc9c for a Flush Draw. It doesn't come and Scott eliminates him.

22:42: Neil Sneddon tagged his card proctector update #2525dundee even though he's currently playing in Grosvenor Maybury in Edinburgh. Thought I might as a well stick it here anyway. Watch out for this wee monster appearing on the big screen shortly.

22:40: Level 6 has commenced. 15 minute break after this one. We play a total of 10 levels tonight.

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