25/25 Dundee III - Flight B - Level 5 (200/400/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd May 2015 @ 22:01


22:39: Sam Price just won a nice pot on Table 2 by the sounds of it...

22:38: Ian Swan out. Says he was ahead 3 times and lost them all. Night night.

22:37: Sounds like a nice run of cards for David weeks. Overheard him saying he just had AK, AA and JJ (cracking Aces with a rivered full house).

22:30: 2 shorties all in pre-flop, Thomas Ward with QQ (8.7k) and Dzmitry Ryzhyk with A3o and a little less. Flop comes down safe but ACE on the Turn. Dramatic Queen on the River for Thomas to just about double up and Dzmitry to be eliminated.

22:29: "Lucky" Ron McCauley out. 43/54 left now.

22:25: Martin Devine opens for 1,250 in the cut-off. Gary Gracey on the Button calls then Dzmitry Ryzhyk 3bets to 3.2k from the BB. Martin then 4bets to 8.250. Gary leans back in his chair, has a wee think but then folds. Dzmitry gives it up and Martin rakes in the pot.

22:23: Back on Table 1, Dzmitry Ryzhyk opens for 1.1k UTG, Lewis McEwan calls in the cut-off as does Gary Gracey in the SB. Flop KhJs6c. Checked around. Turn 9h. Checked around again. River Td. Checked around for a third time. Dzmitry takes it with A9.

22:18: We haven't see Stuart Wilson participate yet but looks like he'll be in for Flight C tomorrow at 4pm.

22:11: Alexander Stuart out. 44 remain.

22:09: Thomas Ward all in again next hand after 2 limpers pre-flop and he wins another pot when everyone folds.

22:07: Double up for perennial short-stack Thomas Ward with A8 vs KQ.

22:04: We are down to 45/54 players now. Last night 19/58 made it to Day 2. The TD estimates 16 will make it tonight. What do you think? Last night's chip leader had 183k. Wonder if anyone will crack 200k tonight.

22:03: Somebody tweet something with #2525dundee. I get lonley when we go 15 minutes without a tweet. Tweet an update if you are are here or tweet support for a friend if you are following them from home. All will appear on the big screen here in the poker room. Thanks.

22:01: Level 5 here we come.

22nd May 2015 @ 22:24
Doug Mitchell
Go get em Thomas Ward
22nd May 2015 @ 22:33
doug mitchell
Doing a grand job as per usual martin . Will you not be playing ?
22nd May 2015 @ 22:36
Thanks. Not playing at all this leg. Will be blogging all the way to the FT. Might play the next one but will then be up to Aberdeen to blog in September.
22nd May 2015 @ 22:40
doug mitchell
Cool . what games are on in glasgow this wednesday if any as im down with my work
22nd May 2015 @ 22:46
Grosvenor Merchant City 8pm 10 (5k) Unlimited Rebuy Super Satellite for Unibet Open 102 Satellite which takes place on 3rd June. 5 x 102 seats guaranteed. Self deal. Genting 8pm 20 (20k) freezeout with 1,000 guaranteed. Dealer dealt.
22nd May 2015 @ 22:48
doug mitchell
Thanks pal
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