25/25 Dundee III - Flight B - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd May 2015 @ 21:15


21:58: Blinds going up!

21:57: Lewis McEwan opens for 800 in the cut-off, called by Martin Devine on the Button and Thomas Stevenson in the BB. 3-way to the Flop of Ah9h7c. Thomas leads out for 1,600, Lewis folds but Martin calls. Turn 5s. Thomas bets 3,500, Martin thinks for a while and calls. River 2s. Thomas bets again, 5k this time. Martin folds.

21:55: Thomas Ward and Dzmitry Ryzhyk all in pre-flop but both have AK and it's a chop.

21:52: Nehme Al Asmar open-limps for 300 in the cut-off, Lewis McEwan completes in the SB and Martin Devive raises to 850 from the BB. Both players call. Flop Qh6h2c. Lewis checks, Martin bets 1,200, Nehme folds. Back to Lewis and he calls. Heads up to the Turn which is 8c. Lewis checks, Martin bets 1,700. Lewis...............gives it up. Pot to Martin Devine.

21:50:Dzmitry Ryzhyk opens to 700 in the Hijack, called by Nehme Al Asmar on the Button then Scott Maxwell 3bets to 2,350 from the SB. No contest and he takes it down pre-flop.

21:48: Lewis McEwan opens to 600 UTG, called by Nehme As Asmar in the SB and Scott Maxwell in the BB. Fop 994 and both fold to Lewis' 900 c-bet.

21:48: John Kelly and Todor Orovchanov out.

21:45: On Table 1, Scott Maxwell opens for 600  UTG, called by Lewis McEwan to his immediate left. Flop KdTh8h. Heads up. Scott checks and Lewis bets 600. Scott calls. Turn 5s. Scott checks, Lewis bets 1,400. No call this time and he takes it down.

21:41: On Table 3, Andy McKeever limps for 300 UTG, Richard Clyde raises to 650 which is called by 5 players including limper Andy and David Cheung in the SB. Flop Qd8h3h and all 6 players check. Turn 2d and Richard bets 1,100 when checked to. David Cheung goes for a check/raise to 4,400 which gets through everyone.

21:31: Shout out from Stuart Wilson in Aberdeen...

21:24: Just found out that Ed Kane, Dundee's Poker Dealer of the Year 2009, has returned to G Dundee after a long absence. Welcome back, son.

21:20: We have a 25p/50p NL cash game running 8 handed at the moment so come on down if you fancy a wee game. We also have a dealer sitting ready to deal 50p/£1 NL or higher if that's your preference. All cash games here at G Dundee qualify for the Scottish Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ) so if you have Quads beaten by a Straight Flush you an activate an £11,000+ payout!

21:19: Latest from Ewan "AntMan_B" Brown:

21:17: Current seating arrangements. Closed with 54 players for Flight B. 49 remain.

21:15: Biggest stacks at the break:

Sunny Rehilu 67k
Connor Elrick 50k
Vince Calenti 50k
Andrew Leathem 47k
Radoslav Lliev 46k
Russell Gibson 40k
Peter Alder 40k
Ewan Brown 37k
Richard Clyde 36k
Ryan Tenbruck 36k
Lewis McEwan 36k
Janey Stevenson 36k
Gordon Anderson 35k
John Lynch 35k
Colin Wu 35k
Martin Devine 34k
Lynn McIntosh 32k

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