25/25 Dundee III - Flight B - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd May 2015 @ 20:29


21:02: Break time. We now have 54 players with 15 minutes left of registration. A total of 112 contributing £22,400 to the £25,000 guarantee.

21:00: Double up for short-stack Thomas Ward there. Also some news from Colin Wu is that he has about 36k. Full chip counts coming at the break.

20:58: Dundee regular "Gutshot" Gary Smith following the action here on the blog from Australia:

20:57: Some of the tweets appearing on the big screens here in the G Dundee poker room:

20:50: First break will be in 12 minutes.

20:44: On Table 2, Robert Franks opens to 600 in early position, called by Ian Swan, Alexander Stuart and Samuel Price before Radoslav Lliev (in the SB) 3bets to 2,400. Robert calls it, as do Ian and Alexander. Samuel elects to fold so it's 4-way to the Flop which comes QcQs2h. Surprisingly, everyone checks and the Turn is Ks. Radoslav checks but Robert bets 3.5k into the over 10k pot. Not one of the other 3 fancy it and he takes it down though.

20:33: Another longtime local regular, Gordon "Gogzee" Anderson. Says he's missing his pal, Ian Drummond.

20:30: Into Level 3 and we have 53 players. You can still get in till 9.15pm if you fancy a dash...

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