25/25 Dundee III - Flight B - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd May 2015 @ 19:40


20:22: Just arrived at Table 1 on the River with action was on Thomas Ward. He bet around 4.4k and Lewis McEwan raised to 17k (almost all of his own stack). Thomas thought it over for a good while and then decided to make the call. Lewis had Ac7c for the Nut Flush which was good. Thomas looks to be very short stacked now.

20:19: Hand on Table 5. Local boy, John Lynch (left), opens to 325 in early position and David Ho (right) 3bets to 1,100 in position. All others fold and John calls to see the Flop. It comes down AhQd7h. John check/calls a 1,200 bet from David. The Turn is 3h and John check/calls again, this time 2,800. The River comes Tc and now John leads out for 5.5k. David sighs, shakes his head and calls. John shows QcTs for a rivered Two Pair and it's good.

20:02: Gary Gracey and David Weeks have also just arrived and joined the action. Up to 53 players.

20:01: Dany Coll has arrived for another try today; he busted late on in Flight A last night.

20:00: All photos from Flight B will be available on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.951112481577373.1073741881.694051143950176

19:55: Please tweet some stuff with #2525dundee if you are playing tonight or just following from home. It will make be very happy. Thank you.

19:53: The poker room is nice and busy tonight. Up to 50 players already so likely to beat last night's 58.

19:51: Steven Duncan on Table 3:

19:49: A couple of Team Dundee players, Penny Malik and Andy McKeever. A little known fact is that Penny won the first ever hand of poker ever dealt in this casino.

19:47: Here are Lloyd Jack (Team Aberdeen) and Gregor Deas (Team Fife):

19:45: Vince Calenti enjoying the game so far:

19:44: Alexander Stuart also out from Table 4.

19:43: Just heard that Colin Wu flopped Quads and knocked out Rami Saleh. Looks like a re-entry for Rami as he's back up at the registration desk.

19:42: Grosvenor Maybury regular from Edinburgh, David Cheung, is here trying to fight his way through the field.

19:40: Into Level 2 and we have 47 entries tonight so 105 total. £21,000 contributed to the £25,000 guaranteed prize pool.

22nd May 2015 @ 21:25
Doug Mitchell
Good luck to all the aberdeen donks
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