25/25 Dundee III - Flight B - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd May 2015 @ 18:39


19:38: Ian Swan is back for another try; he was unsuccessful in Flight A last night. He says he's got another can of tuno to eat at the break like last night too.

19:35: David Ho from Edinburgh just arrived and entered.

19:32: Mis-click for Ewan Brown in the first hand but looks like he got away with it!

19:24: Off to take a few photos. Back in a bit.

19:22: A couple more local heroes, Sunny Rehilu and John Lynch, have just entered. That's us up to 42 players now. Solid start.

19:19: Local player Iain Drummond wishes his old pal, Gordon Anderson, good luck.

19:17: Here's a reminder of the chip demonimations. We will also have some red 10k and black 25k ones in play later.

19:15: Thomas Ward opens to 200 on the Button, called by Russel Gibson (SB) and Nehme Al Asmar (BB). Flop 8h7s5d. Checked around. Turn Kc. Checked around. River Qc. Russell checks, Nehme bets 900, both opponents fold.

19:12:  Here on Table 1, Lewis McEwan opens to 300 from mid-position and is called by Thomas Stevenson in the cut-off for heads up. Flop comes down KsJs3x and Lewis continues for 300. Thomas makes it 700 and it's good enough to win the pot.

19:05: The seating so far. I see Colin Wu has just arrived for a 2nd attempt too and Scott Maxwell for his 1st.

19:03: Ewan Brown (@antman_b on Twitter) is here tonight. He won the 3rd ever 25/25 Scotland event in Edinburgh in December 2013. He'll be looking to be the first double winner. To date we've completed 12 Scottish events and this is the 13th.

19:00: Kicked off with 32 players here.

18:40: 20 minutes to go till we start Flight B. Tonight we have a Twitter Wall set up in the poker room so anyone tweeting updates with #2525dundee will have them shown on the wall.

22nd May 2015 @ 19:00
Jon Jernigan
Great job Martin!
22nd May 2015 @ 19:11
Cheers, Jon. Any suggestions or update requests just leave another comment.
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