25/25 Dundee III - Flight A - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd May 2015 @ 0:56


01:51: Local favourite Jake Hughes shoves all in for 14k with KT and is called by Colin Wu with AT. Nae bother for Jake though as the Flop comes down King High and he holds up to double.

01:44: Chris Wilson will buy the drinks if someone knocks Todd Cairns out apparently:

01:43: Radoslav Lliev out. Down to 25 now.

01:42: Jake Hughes 3bets to 15k on a K52 Flop vs Daryl Benton but he folds when Daryl shoves all in for 38k total.

01:32: Dany call out! Sent packing by Todd Cairns. Todd is now up to about 70k. He seems particuarly pleased that all of his chips have come via Edinburgh players.

01:30: Poor Andriy Myro getting more abuse on Twitter:

01:29: Alex F happy with his double up:

01:22: Short-stack Chris Wilson all in pre-flop with Jh9h vs Todd Cairns' Ac8s. Todd Flops 3 Spades and a 4th on the Turn leaves Chris drawing dead and out of the tournament. Down to 28 players now.

01:18: Old pals Alex Ferguson and Mark Donaldson back together on a different table and going at each other. Alex opens for 2.6k in early position and Mark calls from the SB for heads up. Flop JsTc6s. Mark checks and Alex fires 3.1k. Mark calls. Turn 9h and Mark checks again. Alex bets 4.7k and Mark raises the minimum to 9.2k. Alex thinks for just a few seconds before shoving all in for about 28k total. Mark thinks for quite a while and eventually gives it up. Alex says he wasn't going to fold a Set for a second time.

01:12: Back in action. Last 2 levels.

01:11: Steve Martin and Todd Cairns at the Zoo:

01:10: Biggest stacks from the last 31 players:

Andriy Myro 135k
Mark Donaldon 110k
Mark Cuggy 90k
Dean Hutchison 88k
Colin Gillon 77k
Sunil Bisht 73k
Leon Sarandis 69k
Jimmy Wong 63k
Dany Coll 55k
Steve Martin 50k
Jake Hughes 50k

01:02: Looks like Andriy Myro has a new anti-railer:

01:01: Allan Reid from Aberdeen taking bets on where the eventual winner will hail from:

01:00: Fergie Updates:

00:58: Break time. We're doing a chip race then will try to get the biggest stacks after that.

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