25/25 Dundee III - Flight A - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd May 2015 @ 0:17


00:55: Local Hero, Murray Angus, out. Down to 31. Last break in 1 minute then we play 2 more 40-minute levels.

00:49: Double ups for Chris Wilson and Hugh McPherson. Hugh just got it all in with TT vs Dany Coll's 88 and managed to hold up.

00:45: Updates from Twitter. Stuart Wilson from Aberdeen runs a Facebook group dedicated to posting pictures of casino food called "Casino Munchies". Feel free to join if you enjoy such things -->

00:42: Andiry involved in a pot and he asks Siri on his iPhone if his opponent has the Nuts. I didn't catch Siri's reply but I think it's probably some kind of rule infringement to solicit advice from a mobile device even if the device is pretty dumb.

00:31: A bit of pre-flop action there with Colin Wu all in and action on Neil Feenan. Neil is thinking it over, playing with his chips and he drops one, it bounces behind the line then over to the rake slot and goes down! Fortunately there is no rake box and the chip just goes onto the floor. He is not held to a Call and decides to fold, giving Colin the pot.

00:30: Andriy Myro (sans mask) knocks out Jamie Rhind with K8 (2 pair) vs Q8 (1 pair and flush draw) all in on the Turn. Andriy up to about 140k now.

00:29: Rami Saleh and Richard Briggs out.

00:27: Here's what everyone is playing for. And the money too I suppose.

00:26: Latest seating positions:

00:23: As their table breaks Mark Donaldson tells Alex Ferguson that he had AK (for a Straight) in that big hand earlier where Alex folded a Set on the River and that it was a great lay down.

00:22: Down to 36 players over 4 tables now.

00:18: Robert Franks out. 37 left.

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