25/25 Dundee III - Flight A - Level 10 (800/1600/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd May 2015 @ 1:54


02:50: Flight B starts Friday at 7pm. Late registration till 9.15pm. See you there!

02:48: Final Flight A Chip Counts:

Sunil Bisht 92600            
Louise Holdaway 80100            
Hugh Mcpherson 32400            
John Brewster 43700            
Morag Lawson 59300            
Alex Ferguson 56800            
Leon Sarandis 73700            
Kevin Wallace 46400            
Andriy Myroshnychenko 122400            
Mark Donaldson 83200            
Daryl Benton 46300            
Saleem shakari 38000            
Todd Cairns 95400            
Colin Gillon 138200            
Alastair Letham 30300            
Dean Hutchison 183300            
Mark Cuggy 109700
James Wong 115800

02:36: It's all over! We have 19 players returning for Day 2 on Sunday at 12pm. Here's Alex Ferguson's sign off:

02:27: We are playing 3 more hands then the flight will be over. 19 left.

02:16: Jakes Hughes out! Down to 22. 17 minutes of play left. Average stack 66k at the moment.

02:12: Live Tweeting action from Alex Ferguson:

02:06: Jimmy Wong eliminates Kinman Li. Jimmy flopped Trip 3s and got it in vs Linman's Flush Draw which missed.

02:01: Colin Wu out! He got it all in with AK vs Jake Hughes' Ac7c. Jake spiked a Seven on the River to send Colin home.

01:58: Andriy probably still chip leader. He is up to 170k now.

01:55: Barrie Geefkie out. Last level of the day. Down to 24 players. 40 minutes to go!

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