25/25 Dundee III - Flight A - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 21st May 2015 @ 23:23


00:15: Tweet some mare stuff with #2525dundee please. Blinds going up.

00:08: Nice pot there for Dany Coll. From what I heard from another player he limp/called 2.4k pre-flop with 6s5s and another 2 players came along with the original raiser, Robert Franks. Dany and Robert got it in on the Ks6h3s flop. Robert with AdKd and Dany with 2nd pair and a Flush Draw. A large pot, 80-90k resulted, and Dany brought it home with another Six on the River.

00:03: Wendy Briggs and Paul Hederson out. Down to 39 now.

00:01: Mark Donaldson is stackin' em high and lovin' life at the moment:

23:52: Interesting hand on Table 2 between Dean Hutchison and Thomas Ward. Thomas opened and Dean 3bet from the BB. Now before Thomas acts Dean thinks he has said "All in" so Dean goes to muck his hand but Thomas asks him what he's doing and he stops. Dean explains he thought the dealer had said Thomas was all in and he was going to fold. Action is actually still with Thomas who now decides to move all in for real but now Dean decides to call! Dean has AQ and Thomas AT. The AQ holds and Thomas is out. I think he had about 25k.

23:51: Fan Favourite, Ian Swan, out. He lost most of his chips to Mark Donaldson with QQ vs KK then got his last 5k in and lost a race.

23:41: Down to 42 players from 58. We also have a full 25p/50p NL cash game running with another cash dealer waiting ready to deal any stakes that players are in the mood for. Come on down and have a dash.

23:32: Lastest chip counts:

Mark Cuggy 90k
Sunil Bisht 85k
Andriy Myro 82k
John Brewster 73k
Jake Hughes 55k
Colin Gillon 50k
Jimmy Wong 47k
Rami Saleh 44k
Ian Swan 41k
Dany Coll 43k
Todd Cairns 38k
Robert Frank 38k

23:23: Players on a break. Update from Alex Ferguson who is on the hunt for back to back 25/25 Scotland titles. Other chip counts coming soon.

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