25/25 Dundee III - Flight A - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 21st May 2015 @ 22:41


23:15: Break in a few mins. Will get the latest chip counts.

23:14: Todd Cairns thinks for a couple of minutes there on the River after Ross Aitken shoves in for about 26k over his 5k bet. The board was 7d3s3h-Qh-Ah. Todd eventually gives it up but looked very close to making the call.

23:10: Jimmy Wong down to 10k and gets it all in pre-flop with AQ vs AJ. He doubles up.

23:06: Regarding Alex Ferguson's earlier fold of a Set on the River here's what he has to say about it...


23:02: Sunil Bisht just doubled up through Jimmy Wong. Sunil raised with 9d7d and flopped a Flush vs Jimmy's AKo (no Diamond). The Flop was Ace High and they got it in.

22:58: More Twitter updates. The Aberdeen crew back home are not sure about Alex Ferguson's Set fold.

22:54: John "Die Hard" McLean has been thrown from the roof of Nakatomi Plaza i.e. he's out.

22:53: Andriy Myro just called an 8k River-bet with AT High and it was good vs Jimmy Wong. Didn't catch the build up.

22:50: Gordon Wood out! He shoved all in for shortie 6.9k with KJ over the top of Jimmy Wong's 1.9k open and Jimmy called with a dominated Kd9d. Nae bother for Jimmy though as the Flop comes Nine High and it holds up. Gordon hitting the road but expect we'll see him again tomorrow or Saturday.

22:41: Finally got some #2525dundee tweets. Thanks!

21st May 2015 @ 23:23
How is Neil Feenan doing? We will be up tomorrow night.
21st May 2015 @ 23:32
Neil has 29,050. See you tomorrow!
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