25/25 Dundee III - Flight A - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 21st May 2015 @ 21:08


21:52: On Table 2, Neil Feenan opens to 600 UTG which is called by Jake Hughes and Dean Hutchison in position and Colin Gillon in the BB. The Flop comes down AdJc8d and Neil continues for 1.5k, Jake calls and the other 2 fold. The Turn is 5h and Neil bets again, this time 2.1k. Jake calls. The River is 9d and Neil checks. Jake immediately throws in a 5k chip. Neil looks a bit unhappy and decides to fold. Jake shows Jd7d for the Flush anyway.

21:38: Andriy Myro finishes off Anthony Clark on Table 1. Andiry is now on his 3rd mask of the day, D for Donkey. He's just ordered a bottle of Bud and a straw (so he can drink it through the small mouth hole in the mask).

21:30: Bojidar B just opened for 2.5k in early position! Turns out he meant to make it 700 but threw in the wrong chips. No one tried to pick it up and he won the blinds and antes.

21:27: On Table 4, Steve Martin opens to 650 in early position, called by Robert Franks and Morag Lawon in position and Ross Aitken in the BB. Flop KhTd2d and Ross checks. Steve continues for 950, Robert folds, Morag calls and Ross calls. Turn Qc and all players check. River 2h and Ross leads for 2.8k. No takers and he wins it. Table 4 pictured below.

21:26: Sunil Bisht (nervously standing up) all in pre-flop with AA vs Anthony Clark's KK. The Aces hold and Sunil doubles up. Anthony is still in though.

21:17: Back in action after the break. Final count for Flight A is 58 entries. Here is the latest seating information:

21:08: Some of the biggest stacks from around the room:

Todd Cairns 70k
Andriy Myro 60k
Colin Wu 55k
John "Die Hard" McLean 51k
Colin Gillon 46k
Daryl Benton 46k
Bojidar Boiadjiev 45k
Steve Martin 40k
Rami Saleh 39k
Chris Wilson 38k
John Brewster 37k
Robert Franks 36k
Jake Hughes 34k
Leon Sarandis 32k
Andrew Leathem 30k
David Cheung 29k
Bob Cummings 28k

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