25/25 Dundee III - Flight A - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 21st May 2015 @ 19:40


20:15: More chips for Andriy; he just sent Blair Matheson to the rail. I didn't catch all the action but on the River, Blair shoved all in with Top Pair after Andriy had already raised another player. Andriy called and showed 9d2d for a Straight and took it down after the 3rd player folded. He is now up to about 70k.

20:04: Anthony Clark opens to 525 UTG and is called by 3 players, Radoslav Lliev, Louise Holdaway and Andriy Myro (BB). Flop KhTh5d. Anthony checks and Radoslav bets 1,525. Only Andriy calls, out of position. Turn 5h. Andriy checks, Radoslav bets (it looked like 1,100 but not 100% sure). Andriy check/raises to 4.7k. Radoslav calls. River Qc. Andriy thinks for a bit then fires out 9k. Radoslav has a good think but eventually makes the call. Andriy (pictured below) tables Ah6h for the Nut Flush. Andriy appears to be running better without the animal masks.

19:55: On Table 1 Andriy Myro opens to 425, Blair Matheson 3bets to 900 then Bojidar Boiadjiev 4bets from the BB to 1.9k. Andriy folds and Blair calls. Flop Ad4d3s. Bojidar leads for 3.2k, Blair calls. Turn 6s. Bojidar bets 5.6k and Blair calls again. The River is 7s and both players check. Bojidar tables AK and Blair JJ. The AK is good and Bojidar drags in the pot. Andriy says he would have rivered a Set and taken all the money.

19:53: First elimination and it's Todor Orovchanov from Table 2.

19:50: Colin Wu has also arrived and joined in. He recently won £22,230 for 2nd place at GUKPT Edinburgh taking him to £163,000 in lifetime earnings. He'll be hoping to add a 25/25 title to his collection in his home town this week.

19:47: If you are playing this event and use Twitter please tweets some of your own updates using the #2525dundee hashtag so I can pick them up for the blog. Thanks in advance.

19:43: The Horse on Table 1 has mysteriously metamorphosed into a Unicorn! That's Anthony Clark on the left enjoying the show.

19:42: Here are the current seating arrangements:

19:40: Level 2 has commenced. Now at 49 entries. Colin Gillon the last player to join the fun.s

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