25/25 Dundee III - Flight A - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 21st May 2015 @ 18:48


19:39: Blinds going up.

19:37: Thomas Ward doesn't look as happy as Ian to be here:

19:34: Ian Swan looks very happy to be here tonight. No exits yet and we're up to 47 players. Todd Cairns at the desk buying in to make it 48.

19:31: Dundee is one of the few poker rooms in the World that has windows! A nice treat for poker players usually stuck in casino basements and back rooms.

19:28: Here is the winner of the last leg held in Dundee in August 2014, Dany Coll.

19:27: The winner of our last leg in Aberdeen, Alex Ferguson, is here tonight:

19:12: Quickly up to 42 players. Quite a strong start. Late registration available ubtil 9.15pm.

19:02: Kicked off with 34 players and 1 horse:

18:59: Some strange characters buying in this evening. Here's one of them:

18:52: Here are the chip denominations up to 5k:

18:50: Just 10 minutes to go till we get 25/25 Dundee started! Follow all the action here right through till the final table on Sunday night.

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