Alea Glasgow Monthly Series April - FT - Level 24 12000/24000/300

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th April 2015 @ 23:13


23:50: Ahsan in the big blind now and not expecting him to fold! He is against James (QJ)  with 32o! James hits a Queen and takes Ahsan out in 3rd for £1700.

23:49: Ahsan all in for 43k with 52o vs Martin's 42o. Chop it as both play the board.

23:45: Martin makes it 60k on the Button, Ahsan calls in the BB. Flop 8d4d3c. Ahsan checks, Martin bets 75k. Ahsan calls. Turn Ks. Ahsan now bets out for 225k! Martin immediately shoves all in for about 1million. Ahsan thinks it over, declares "Fuck it" and calls. He has K7 for Top Pair but Martin has AK for a better kicker! An Eight on the River changes nothing and Martin doubles up.  Ahsan down to fumes (about 50k) and is going all in blind next hand!

23:43: 75k from Ahsan, 3bet to 180k from James in the BB. Ahsan calls. He's on the Button. Flop AsQc9h. James bets 200k and Ahsan shoves all in! James calls. It's A4 vs A5 but we end up with a chop!

23:40: Looks very even now 3 handed!

Martin Thomson 1.1million
James McLean 1.1milliom
Ahsan Subhan 1.1million

23:35: James limps the Button and Ahsan makes it 62k from the SB. James calls. Flop Th7c2s. Ahsan bets 100k, James calls. Turn 8h. Ahsan bets 150k, James shoves all in! He calls it. It's 87 (Two Pair) for James vs Top Pair (KT) for Ahsan.  River is a Six and James holds! Full double up. I think he started the hand with about 650k.

23:34: Walk for Ahsan.

23:34: 50k open from James on the Button, Ahsan 3bets to 112k in the SB, James calls. Flop Qh9d5d. Check/Check. Turn 6s. Ahsan bets 125k, James calls. River Ks. Ahsan bets 150k and James ditches it.

23:33: Walk for James.

23:32: Ahsan puts in 62k from the SB and wins it.

23:30: 50k frmo Martin on the Button this time. James calls from the SB. Heads up. Flop Qc7h4s. Check/Check. Turn 8c. Check/Check. River 5c. Check/Check. King High from James good. Martin had JT.

23:27: 50k from Ahsan on the Button. Winner.

23:26: Martin raises to 74k from the SB and James shoves all in (for lots) from the BB! No call.

23:24: Ahsan makes it 62k from the SB but Martin 3bets from the BB. Ahsan folds quickly and Martin shows TT.

23:22: James makes it 50k on the Button and everyone calls. Board ends up K65-K-K and Ahsan gets his River bet called by James. Ahsan just had the Quads (KT). James showed a Five for a Full House.

23:20: James moving back in the right direction as he picks up AA and gets a few bets out of Martin including 150k on the River.

23:17: £1,700 locked up but all 3 here already. Average stack now 1,150,000.

23:15: Medium-sized pot for Martin vs Ahsan there.

23:14: Blinds up. Still 3 handed. Appox counts....

Martin Thomson 1.2million
James McLean 900k
Ahsan Subhan 1.4million

12th April 2015 @ 23:37
big boaby
Ahsan worst player I ever seen can hardly hold 2 cards. Amazing. Sun shine dogs arse and all that
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