Alea Glasgow Monthly Series April - FT - Level 22 8000/16000/2000

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th April 2015 @ 21:35


22:15: Break time! Back soon.

22:12: Ahsan opens the Button for 42k, Martin calls from the BB. Flop As9c6s. Martin checks, Ahsan bets 52k. Martin calls quickly. Turn 7c. Martin checks. Ahsan bets again, 100k this time. Martin calls quickly again. River Tc. Martin checks. Ahsan check and shows AK. It's good!

22:11: Martin takes another pot from James with a big Turn check/raise.

22:09: Martin makes it 40k on the Button, Ahsan calls from the BB. Flop Qd6c3d. Ahsan checks and Martin bets 55k. Ahsan folds.

22:08: Walk for James in the BB. He shoes Kings!

22:05: Anyone reading this? Say Hello in the comments. I'm lonely.

22:04: 10 mins left of this level then there will be a short 5 min break.

22:01: Top Supervising in progress...

22:00: Last couple of pots where SB vs BB and checks all the way.

21:59: Ahsan makes it 42k, no callers.

21:58: James picks up AA next hand but gets no action.

21:56: Martin makes it 40k on the Button, James calls from the SB for heads up. Flop 9s5s5c. Check/Check. Turn 2c. James leads fro 30k, Martin calls. River 4c. James checks and Martin bets 75k. James snap-calls but Martin shows A9 and it's good.

21:52: Ahsan opens to 41k UTG and is called by James in the BB. Flop Td9d7s. Check/Check. Turn 9c. Check/Check. River 7h. Check/Check. Ahsan's Ah5h, Ace High, is good vs James' KQ.

21:49: Approximate counts:

Brian O'Connor 250k
Martin Thomson 800k
James McLean 1.7million
Ahsan Subhan 700k

21:47: Remaining 4 prizes and the finishers so far. Still £9,460 left in the prize pool 4-handed. No talk of any deal so far.

1st - £4000
2nd - £2500
3rd - £1700
4th - £1260
5th - £1000 Sam Wardlaw
6th - £800 Alec Brodie
7th - £640 Zaffa Mirza
8th - £500 Davie Kerr
9th - £380 Walter Niven
10th - £310 Thomas McGarvey
11th - £260 Scott Cooper
12th - £230 Maj Iqbal
13th - £220 George Wilson

21:46: Next hand Sam shoves all in with K7 and is called by Martin with AK. The Ace High holds again and Sam Wardlaw is out in 5th for £1,000.

21:40: James opens to 34k UTG and Brian shoves all in for about 130k more. James asks him if he wants a spin. He calls! It's AJ (Brian) vs Jc7c (James). The Ace High holds and Brian doubles.

21:37: Ahsan raises to 41k from the SB into Sam. He calls. Flop AhKcQd.  Ahsan checks and Sam takes it with a bet. Sam shows 64o!

21:36: 5 players remain here at Alea Glasgow. Average stack now 690k.

12th April 2015 @ 22:13
doing a grand job mate. keep up the good work!
12th April 2015 @ 22:26
Philhouse hellmuth
Ola! watching ludo in GPS...keeping an eye on this and playing sunday online...mad poker action...keep up the good work son ;-)
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