Alea Glasgow Monthly Series April - FT - Level 21 6000/12000/1000

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th April 2015 @ 20:53


21:35: Double up for Sam vs Brian with AT vs 22 all in pre-flop.

21:32: The final 5 players with very approximate chip counts:

Sam Wardlaw 110k
Brian O'Connor 200k
Martin Thomson 650k
James McLean 1.6million
Ahsan Subhan 750k

21:29: Alec Brodie all in for 117k, called by James. It's KK vs 99. A miracle Nine on the Flop for James and he sends Alec to the rail in 6th place for £800.

21:27: Here are the remaining prizes and the FT payouts so far:

1st - £4000
2nd - £2500
3rd - £1700
4th - £1260
5th - £1000
6th - £800
7th - £640 Zaffa Mirza
8th - £500 Davie Kerr
9th - £380 Walter Niven
10th - £310 Thomas McGarvey
11th - £260 Scott Cooper
12th - £230 Maj Iqbal
13th - £220 George Wilson

21:26: Lost another one! Zaffa Mirza all in pre-flop with AQ (about 65k) and goes down to AK. 7th place for £640.

21:13: Brian opened the Button for 27k and was called by Martin in the SB and James in the BB. Flop K98 and Brian bets 15k when the others check to him. Martin decides to raise to 40k though and James folds. No problem for Brian though as he ships all in (for quite a lot). Martin has about 250k behind and Brian covers that. Martin thinks it over, turns round and has a few more bites of his dinner before making the call. Martin has K8 which is a better Two Pair that Brian's 98. King on the River seals the deal for Martin and he gets a huge double up. Brian looks like he's down to about 170k now.

21:11: Another elmination! Davie Kerr all in with AT and called by Ahsan with TT. The Tens hold and Davie is out in 8th for £500.

21:08: Walter Niven out in 9th for £380. He shoves in his last 12k (1bb) with J6. James wakes up with AK and takes it with Ace High.

21:05: Ahsan limps for 12k in early position and the blinds offer no objections to a Flop. It comes Ac9h7d. Checked around. Turn Ah. Brian bets 25k. Ahsah calls. Heads up. River 8s. Brian checks and now Ahsan bets 60k. Brian gives it up.

21:03: 2 shorties, Walter all in with QJ vs Zaffa's AJ. Zaffa doubles his 53k stack and Walter down to only 15k!

20:59: Thomas opens to 35k and James calls on the Button. Flop 532. Thomas continues for 50k and James shoves all in! Thomas snap-calls and shows JJ. James has 5h3h for Two Pair and it holds up to eliminate Thomas McGarvey in 10th for £310.

20:58: Double up for Brian there through James.

20:57: Here they are....

20:53: Still 10-handed at the FT here. Average stack 345k. Here's what we're playing for:

1st - £4000
2nd - £2500
3rd - £1700
4th - £1260
5th - £1000
6th - £800
7th - £640
8th - £500
9th - £380
10th - £310

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