Alea Glasgow Monthly Series April - Final Table - Level 20 5000/10000/1000

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th April 2015 @ 20:14


20:52: Blinds going up!

20:51: Ahsan limps for 10k and Sam shoves all in for about 110k. Back to Ahsan and he.......folds.

20:50: Davie opens for 35k UTG, Ahsan calls in position as does Alec. Flop KhJs7d. Davie checks, Ahsan bets 60k, Alec folds and Davie folds.

20:49: Sam open-shoves the cut-off for 90k, gets it through.

20:47: Zaffa in the BB for 10k here and he has only 24k behind. Sam calls from the SB and Zaffa checks. Flop 7h6h5d and they get it all in. Jh2h (Flush Draw) for Sam vs 9s6s for Zaffa. The Six holds and Zaffa gets his double up.

20:46: Brian opens to 25k, James calls from the cut-off and Sam from the BB. Flop 7c6s2s. It's checked to Chip Daddy James and he takes it down with a bet.

20:45: Davie opens for 31k in the Hijack, no action. Shows Ace of Hearts.

20:43: Martin limps the Button for 10k. James and Ahsan play from the blinds. Flop Ac5ch5. Martin takes it with a 25k bet when the others check to him.

20:41: Alec limps for 10k as does Davie, Martin and James in the blinds come along too. Flop AhKc8d. Checked around. Turn 4c. James bets 40k. Wins it.

20:40: Brian opens the Button for 25k and Martin calls in the BB. Flop KsQhJs and both check. Turn 2h. Martin bets 20k. Brian folds.

20:38: Ahsan opens to 30k and is called by Alec Brodie and Thomas McGarvey, both in position. Flop Jd8h7c. Ahsan bets 30k and Thomas calls. Heads up. Turn Kc. Ahsan checks, Thomas bets 30k this time and Ahsan calls. River 7h. Check/Check and Thomas takes it with TT. Ahsan had 99.

20:37: Zaffa down to 7k (less than 1bb) but just doubled up with vs A3.

20:36: The Deam Team hard at work:

20:34: FT under way. FIrst pot goes to chip leader, James. Just a win of the blinds and antes though.

20:32: Picture as we start the FT. Sam W too shy to join in.

20:26: FT seating positions and chip counts:

1 Walter Niven 99k
2 Sam Wardlaw 180k
3 Zaffa Mirza 31k
4 Alec Brodie 420k
5 Thomas McGarvey 257k
6 Brian O'Connor 350k
7 Davie Kerr 185k
8 Martin Thomson 449k
9 James McLean 990k
10 Ahsan Subhan 620k

20:15: Players on a break now before the FT begins! Chip counts coming soon. Cashers so far:

1st - £4000
2nd - £2500
3rd - £1700
4th - £1260
5th - £1000
6th - £800
7th - £640
8th - £500
9th - £380
10th - £310
11th - £260 Scott Cooper
12th - £230 Maj Iqbal
13th - £220 George Wilson

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