Alea Glasgow Monthly Series April - Day 2 - Level 20 5000/10000/1000

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th April 2015 @ 19:51


20:13: Scott Cooper out in 11th on the other table! On break now before the Final Table.

20:11: Maj Iqbal out in 12th for £220! He shoved his short stack all in with AK after James McLean opened but Ahsan Subhan 4bet shoves several hundred thousand with TT and James folded (showing AQ). The Ten High Flop put Maj in the Hurt Locker and, although he picked up a Gutshot on the Turn, he didn't get there.

20:06: George Wilson back on the rail cheering for Brian O'Connor as he has a percentage of his action.

20:04: Maj shoves all in (AJ) and is called by Ahsan's A7. Ends in a chop though!

20:02: Davie K open-shoves all in for 77k and Zaffa calls. It's KJ vs QQ. Davie spikes a King on the Turn and now Zaffa is in trouble with 50k left.

20:00: Maj looking very short with about 68k.

19:56: James gets called by Davie K on his 100k River Bet his Full House is good. James had AJ. Davie down to about 70k. Board was AQ4-J-J.

19:54: Still at 12 players here from the 138 that participated and the 36 that returned today:

2-1 Scott Cooper
2-2 Martin Thomson
2-3 -
2-4 Sam Wardlaw
2-5 Walter Niven
2-6 Thomas McGarvey
2-7 Alec Brodie
2-8 -
2-9 -

3-1 Zaffa Mirza
3-2 Brian O'Connor
3-3 -
3-4 -
3-5 -
3-6 Ahsan Subhan
3-7 James McLean
3-8 Davie Kerr
3-9 Maj Iqbal

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