Alea Glasgow Monthly Series April - Day 2 - Level 19 4000/8000/1000

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th April 2015 @ 19:13


19:53: Blinds going up!

19:50: Zaffa limps the Button for 8k and the blinds both come along. Flop Ts4h3c. Brian leads for 16k and Ahsan raises to 32k. Both opponents fold and Ahsan says he had Two Pair.

19:49: Ahsan makes it 21k, no action.

19:48: James McLean opens to 20k on the Hijack, Davie K 3bets to 55k on the Button. James passes, showing A5o. Davie shows JhTh!

19:46: Zaffa opens to 17k UTG, no callers.

19:45: Ahsan opens to 27k on Button, no callers.

19:44: Brian O'Connor opens to 24k on the Button, no callers.

19:40: The final table will be 10-handed so just 2 more to go then we'll go to the FT and get full chip counts for everyone.

19:38: George Wilson out next hand! 13th for £220.

19:34: On the other table, in the same hand where Paul was elminated, George Wilson was all in as well for his 11k micro stack with A5 vs KhQh. The board ran out with the 3h Flush completing on the River and for a second George thought he was out but then realised it paired the board and he managed to double up with a Full House!

19:32:  Paul Clements out on the Bubble! 13 left now.

1st - £4000
2nd - £2500
3rd - £1700
4th - £1260
5th - £1000
6th - £800
7th - £640
8th - £500
9th - £380
10th - £310
11th - £260
12th - £230
13th - £220

19:26: Brian opens to 16k on the Button, Paul C calls from the SB and Ahsan Subhan ships all in for 294k! Brian calls (AsKs) and Paul C folds. Ahsan tables QQ. Big race for probably 2nd position in the tournament at the moment. The Flop comes Queen High for Ahsan's Set and even through the Turn and River both bring Aces for Brian's Trips, he loses to the full house. He's still in with what looks like about 200k though.

19:21: Ahsan S opens to 16k UTG, James McLean calls then Brian O'Connor 3bets to 54k from the SB. Both Ahsan and James get out the way. Brian shows QQ, James 55 and Ahsan says he had 99.

19:17: James McLean looks like he has about 650k, Martin Thomson 500k. These are the 2 biggest stacks, both on different tables.

19:14: Blinds up. Still 14 left and we're on the Bubble. 13th gets £220, 14th gets The Big Hee Haw.

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