Alea Glasgow Monthly Series April - Day 2 - Level 17 2500/5000/500

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th April 2015 @ 17:52


18:32: Blinds up!

18:31: Iain Smith limps for 5k, Ahsan joins the party and the blinds complete and check. Flop J43 with 2 Diamonds but everyone folds when Ian ships about 100k.

18:29: Ahsan opens for 12k but folds when Brian O'Connor shoves all in from the BB for lots more.

18:26: Lovely views here at Alea Glasgow...

18:17: Maj Iqbal opens and is called in 3 spots! Flop 8s7c2s. It checks to Zaffa Mirza and he shoves all in. No takers and he drags the pot, showing JJ in the process.

18:07: Brian O'Connor off to a good start at his new table; he just eliminated James Parkinson with AA vs KK all in pre-flop. Aces held.

18:05: John McGlynn out! He opened pre-flop with AJ to about 12k and was 3bet to 28k by Ahsan from the big blind with AA. John called and then shoved all in over the top of Ahsan's 55k bet for a little more on the AKQ Flop. John was in big trouble and couldn't hit his Gutshot Straight to survive. Down to 18 over 2 tables now. 13 paid.

18:00: Craig Wilson opens for 12k but folds when Iain Smiths shoves all in for about 150k. Both show AK! Craig's was suited as well.

17:52: Back in action. Here the full chip counts for the last 19 players:

2-1 -
2-2 -
2-3 William "Wassil" Brown 210k
2-4 Sam Wardlaw 140k
2-5 Walter Niven 115k
2-6 Thomas McGarvey 95k
2-7 Alec Brodie 360k
2-8 -
2-9 George Wilson 170k

3-1 Zaffa Mirza 70k
3-2 -
3-3 Craig Wilson 159k
3-4 Paul Clements 210k
3-5 Iain Smith 165k
3-6 -
3-7 James McLean 338k
3-8 James Parkinson 55k
3-9 Maj Iqbal 126k

4-1 Ahsan Subhan 200k
4-2 -
4-3 Martin Thomson 120k
4-4 -
4-5 Brian O'Connor 370k
4-6 Davie Kerr 235k
4-7 -
4-8 John McGlynn 135k
4-9 Scott Cooper 150k

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