Alea Glasgow Monthly Series April - Day 2 - Level 16 2000/4000/400

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th April 2015 @ 16:47


17:30: Break time!

17:21: Scott Cooper always having a good time at the table:

17:14: Craig Wilson opens for 11k UTG, Paul Clements calls then Paul Thomson shoves all in from the BB for 91k more! Craig thinks it over but makes the call. Paul C gets out the way and it's Craig's QQ vs Paul's AK. Paul Thomson out in 22nd when the Ten High board provides no help.

17:05: We have 2 cash games running here at the moment. £5/5 PLO (6-card) and £1/2 NL Hold'em. Come on down if you fancy a dash.

17:04: Quite a healthy-looking lunch for a poker player! Nice mugs here at Alea too.

16:57:  Meanwhile on another table, Brian O'Connor requested a penalty for Scott Cooper for talking too much. Scott suggested something involving a kettle and the colour black in reply.

16:56: William Brown opens for 9k on the Button but folds to Sam Wardlaw's ship from the SB.

16:53: Here's a reminder what we're playing for today:

1st - £4000
2nd - £2500
3rd - £1700
4th - £1260
5th - £1000
6th - £800
7th - £640
8th - £500
9th - £380
10th - £310
11th - £260
12th - £230
13th - £220

16:50:  Double up for Davie Kerr. Davie made the FT last month in the first Monthly Series event and took home £700. Full results from that game at

16:50: Break after this level then we'll get some chip counts.

16:48: Average stack now 157k. Just under 3.5million in play. 22 players remain.

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